Development Team


Netzero NRG, LLC

Ed Cope, Team Leader 

Ed Cope, owner of PPMHomes and team leader of the Ithaka Terraces team, has been active in environmental and sustainability causes for forty years.  He started an environmental center in Indiana 25 years ago and he and his family live off grid, using power only from renewable energy (solar panels and some wind).  He started Energy Independent Caroline as part of early efforts of his to switch the Caroline town government to renewable energy for its power use.  He has strived to build housing units so energy efficient that their entire energy use use can come from his small solar farm outside Ithaca, truly netzero energy.  This has been achieved as Ithaka Terraces, which is one of the first netzero energy condominiums to be built in New York State. 


Property Management

Kyle Waller

Architecture & Landscape Architecture

Noah Demarest

Structural Engineering

Yossi Bronsick


Renovus Solar

Solar Provider


T.G. Miller P.C. Engineers & Surveyors

Civil Engineering

Andy Sciarabba Jr.